Proposed legislation would make English official language of the US

Bills that would make English the official language of the US were recently proposed in both the House of Representatives and the US Senate.

The legislation was introduced by Representative Steve King of Iowa and Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, according to Fox News.

“A common language is the most powerful unifying force known throughout history,” King said in a statement. “We need to encourage assimilation of all legal immigrants in each generation. A nation divided by language cannot pull together as effectively as a people.”

However, opponents of the bills, which would require all government businesses and services to be conducted in English, say they are unnecessary and unfairly single out immigrants.

Democratic Representative Jose Serrano of New York said that making English the official language of the country isn’t needed as many immigrant families begin using the language naturally over the course of a generation or two, reports CBS News.

Fox News reports that more than 30 states have officially adopted English as their language but that in most cases, the move is largely symbolic.