Rasmussen: 61 percent oppose birthright citizenship

Children born to people who came to America illegally should not be guaranteed US citizenship, 61 percent of Americans polled by Rasmussen Reports say.

Rasmussen says that such widespread opposition to birthright citizenship – a guarantee added to the US Constitution after the Civil War – has not been so high in five years, UPI reports. Only 28 percent of the 1,000 likely voters polled said they support birthright citizenship for everyone, even the children of undocumented immigrants.

Republicans were most likely to oppose granting US citizenship based on birth, with 77 percent of them saying they are against the constitutional protection. Approximately 63 percent of independents opposed birthright citizenship, and Democrats were split on the issue.

Earlier this year, Senators David Vitter of Louisiana and Rand Paul of Kentucky proposed a plan to change the US Constitution to do away with birthright citizenship. The amendment was deemed unlikely to pass, however, as it would require the support of two-thirds of both chambers of Congress and three-fourths of all the states, according to ABC News.