Robber in charge of immigration scam arrested

A man who allegedly stole money from people in Fort Pierce, Florida, by posing as a federal immigration officer has been arrested after eluding the police since May, TC Palm reports.

Fort Pierce police teamed up with the U.S. Marshal’s Regional Fugitive Task Force to bring Curry Cook, 25, to justice. He is currently being held at the St. Lucie County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

Curry is charged with three counts of impersonating a law enforcement officer and two counts of robbery. Most of his alleged robberies were executed on supposedly Hispanic men going to work in the early morning hours.

One of the incidents allegedly involving Curry occurred on May 2. A man riding his bicycle was approached by a four-door car with a blue dome light. A passenger in the car came out claiming he was an immigration officer and he needed to see the man’s identification. When the victim pulled out his wallet, the fake immigration officer stole it, running away with $250.

According to the Miami Herald, legislation that would crack down on illegal immigration in Florida died when lawmakers in the state’s House and Senate could not reach an agreement.