Romney Secures Republican Stance on Immigration

While the topic of immigration was absent in the first presidential debate, the second debate included it as a main topic. President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney both spoke on their plans to support comprehensive immigration reform, which were vastly different from one another.

Mitt Romney is in the spotlight after making several questionable comments during the debate. President Obama accused Romney of supporting the controversial Arizona SB 1080 law, which requires officers to ask suspicious-looking individuals for proof of residency when they are pulled over in traffic stops.

If elected, Romney said his administration will welcome immigrants into the United States by making it easier for individuals with special skills to obtain work visas. Romney also defended his self-deportation policy, believing that it provides a better option than forced deportations and mass-arrests.

“We’re not going to round up 12 million people –  undocumented illegals – out of the nation,” Romney said. “Instead, they’ll make their own choice. If they find they can’t get the benefits they want, that they can’t get the jobs they want, they’ll go elsewhere and make their own opportunities.”

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