Same-Sex Couples Receive Green Cards

A binational lesbian couple living in San Jose, Calif., was awarded a green card July 15 following the U.S. Supreme Court’s defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act. According to The DOMA Project, Karin Bogliolo is from the United Kingdom and married to U.S. citizen Judy Richard.

The couple was married in January 2012 and then filed a green card petition based on their marriage, The DOMA Project reported. However, because the federal government did not recognize same-sex marriage when the petition was filed, the couple was separated and Karin returned to the U.K.

Bogliolo and Richard considered themselves “love exiles” as Richard spent six months out of every year to be with her wife outside the U.S. as Bogliolo’s tourist visa limited the time she could spend in the country, according to the article.

The couple is the third to receive permanent residency on the basis of same-sex marriage, the report stated.

California Couple Awarded Green Card
Another bi-national same-sex couple was awarded a green card from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). According to The DOMA Project, Shaun Stent, a U.K. citizen, was awarded a marriage-based green card.

Stent married citizen John Catuara in January 2012 and the couple fought to stay together in the U.S. for 13 years. They filed their green card petition to keep from being torn apart. The couple would alternate between spending three months the U.S. and three months in the U.K.

According to the article, Stent was prevented from entering the country and detained by immigration officials in 2002. After hours of questioning he was released but detained and interrogated several more times while trying to visit Catuara.

After a green card interview with USCIS on April 23, their request was put on hold as the Supreme Court deliberated DOMA. Stent’s application was approved July 11, according to The DOMA Project.

“We are both happy and relieved that our 13-year battle has finally ended,” the couple said in a statement to The DOMA Project.