Scott Walker changing immigration stance?

Wisconsin voters concerned with immigration reform would undoubtedly appreciate a little bit more clarity when it comes to Scott Walker’s stance on the issue. The Wisconsin governor has moved back and forth regarding his views on comprehensive immigration reform over the past few years, but never quite as much as since he recently announced his presidential campaign. According to MSNBC, Walker, who has traditionally been staunchly against immigration reform and aligned with the general views of the conservative side of the aisle, recently made some comments to the effect that his stance may be changing.

New Hampshire
The Washington Post has reported that Walker was recently the guest of honor at a dinner party in the state of New Hampshire. The event, which was intended to raise funds for and draw attention to his campaign, took place in New Hampshire because that state will host the first 2016 presidential primary, making it extremely volatile from a political standpoint. Walker spoke to business leaders and other high powered individuals that evening, and he seems to have left many confused regarding his immigration stance. According to multiple sources, Walker stated that he would support a process and path to citizenship for “some” undocumented immigrants, provided they meet certain requirements. While these statements are relatively in line with President Barack Obama’s recent executive orders on immigration reform, they are a far cry from the Walker many voters have grown familiar with.

Prior stance
While Walker’s comments are far from radical, they are also very much not in line with the image he has projected for years. While it may seem that the primary difference is simply that the presidential candidate is now showing some semblance of support for immigration reform, the difference goes far deeper than that. More clearly, it seems that Walker offering any sort of clear, concise statement on immigration contradicts a career of misleading and confusing immigration moves. For example, MSNBC has reported that Walker has shown support for immigration through voting positively on several measures throughout his tenure as a public servant. In fact, he was documented as recently as 2013 in stating that immigration reform could be beneficial to our country. When he announced his presidential campaign though, he told Fox News that he was against amnesty and that our first priority should be “securing the border.”

Reaction from Walker’s camp
Needless to say, the governor’s comments have caused quite the media flurry as of late. Walker has been somewhat shielded from the public eye since his comments in New Hampshire, but several aides from his campaign have issued statements indicating that he is still anti-immigration reform. In speaking with Vox, a spokesperson for his campaign made this vehemently clear.

“[Walker] does not support citizenship for illegal immigrants,” said the spokesperson.

While only time will tell what will come of the presidential race, Scott Walker’s comments on immigration may lead to a rocky campaign road for him.