Sen. Marco Rubio changes stance on immigration reform

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., recently addressed constituents at Rep. Jeff Duncan’s annual barbecue fundraiser on Aug. 25. According to U.S. News & World Report, four minutes into Rubio’s speech, protestors who object to the conservative’s views on immigration chimed in.

Although Rubio said in the past that he supports the concept of the DREAM Act, he no longer believes it is a justifiable way to address the nation’s immigration crisis. Rubio stated the law is good in that is allows certain undocumented immigrants to obtain U.S. citizenship, but because his views are the opposite of what his fellow Republicans believe, some suggest he has chosen to shift his views.

Protestors at the fundraiser held up signs that read “Rubio Me Quiere Deportar,” which means “Rubio wants to deport me,” according to the source. Rubio tried to talk over the protestors who jeered in the background of his speech and said that the demonstrators were enjoying freedom of speech, a right that all Americans have.

In 2013, Rubio was one of the congressmen who formed what would become known as the “Gang of Eight,” a group that constructed a comprehensive immigration bill, according to Breitbart. The legislation would have granted citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants, but since his shift regarding immigration reform, it’s likely the senator would no longer be a supporter of the legislation he helped create.

“If the president goes through with this executive action that he’s threatening, not only does it raise very serious constitutional issues, but in my opinion it sets back the cause of reform for a long time.,” Rubio said. “It would just further exacerbate people’s lack of confidence in the government’s willingness to enforce the law, and I also think it would continue to add to the ambiguity of the laws that have created the humanitarian crisis that now exists on the border with unaccompanied minors.”

Regardless of what some Republicans believe should be done about immigration, President Barack Obama is proposing executive action to give citizenship to millions of immigrants who are already living in the U.S.