Sen. Marco Rubio wants GOP support

Sen. Marco Rubio is anxious about getting 60 votes to pass the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” legislation. As a primary author of the bill, Rubio has been working all year to gain conservative support, which is described as a “balancing act” by Fox News. Republicans are concerned with border security and are skeptical about creating an equal path for the 11 million people who want citizenship. As a potential presidential candidate in the next election, Rubio needs to make sure that all parties are happy with the immigration reform laws that will go into place. According to Fox News, Rubio has been making many appearances on talk shows and news channels in an effort to gain more support for the bill.

“If we can pass a measure that ensures that we will never again have another wave of illegal immigration, I believe we will have immigration reform,” Rubio told Fox News. “And if we do not pass that, if that does not happen, I believe there will not be immigration reform. It’s as simple as that.”

Although Rubio is campaigning hard for the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” legislation, many Republicans think that the bill has “serious flaws,” according to USA Today. The source reported that four senators wrote a letter to colleagues on June 3 saying”We need immigration reform, but the American people deserve better than a 1,000-page bill that makes our immigration system more complex and less accountable without truly ensuring border security. Americans expect their government to end the lawlessness, not surrender to it.”

Rubio has been firm that the bill he helped write needs to have some changes, but he is hopeful that Democrats will move the bill forward and Republicans will eventually jump on board.