Senators Introduce LGBT-Friendly Immigration Reform Law

Several US Senators have introduced a sweeping immigration reform law that would aim to end discrimination against LGBT couples and institute the DREAM Act, among other reforms.

The legislation, which has been heavily supported by the Immigration Equality Action Fund, was introduced by New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and co-sponsored by Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid as well as Senators Richard Durbin, John Kerry, Patrick Leahy and Chuck Schumer.

The bill would end discrimination against LGBT couples by allowing Americans with foreign-born partners or spouses to sponsor them for permanent residency.

“No one is served by tearing American citizens apart from their spouses,” said Rachel Tiven, the executive director of the Immigration Equality Action Fund. “The immigration system is decimating families, forcing American citizens into exile and draining the talent and resources available to American businesses and communities.”

The organization’s legal team is currently working with same-sex couples across the country who are facing an imminent separation.

The DREAM Act provision has been included since many young people who would be eligible for the initiative identify as LGBT.

President Obama has publicly advocated passage of the DREAM Act, which would provide a path for residency and citizenship for young people who enlist in the military or receive a degree from an American college or university.