Sergio Garcia’s case reaches California Supreme Court

On September 4 the California Supreme Court justices heard arguments for and against Sergio Garcia’s quest to become a licensed lawyer in the U.S, according to The Associated Press. Garcia is an immigrant and has been living in the U.S. since he was 17. Now, in an unprecedented case, the court has 90 days to make a decision about the fate of an undocumented resident’s legal profession in the country.

Sergio Garcia has been fighting for years to be able to use his degree to practice law in the United States. Garcia was born in Mexico, however, he graduated from high school, community college and university in the U.S. After obtaining his law degree from Cal Northern School of Law, Garcia took the bar exam and passed on the first try.

“This is about trying to live the American dream and showing other immigrants that hard work and dedication does mean something in this country,” he told the AP.

According to CNN, Garcia was approved for a green card in 1995 but has still not received his legal status in the country. It could take up  to another six or seven years for Garcia’s permanent residency to become official.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris supports Garcia and believes he should be allowed to practice his chosen profession. However, the Department of Justice argues that someone who is not a legal citizen should not be in a position to defend clients based on U.S. law.

As he fights for his case in the state Supreme Court and awaits a decision, Garcia is working as a motivational speaker. According to the Los Angeles Times, Garcia focuses on the importance of education and never giving up in his speeches.