Some compare immigration plan to Obamacare

Those against immigration reform have taken to comparing the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” legislation to Obamacare, which has gotten some poor reviews from conservatives since President Barack Obama took office. Obamacare, known also as The Affordable Care Act, is aimed at reforming the American health care system and offering other options to low-income families. According to NBC News, Sen. Mike Lee, R-UT, wrote a piece titled “My view: The ‘Gang of Eight’ bill is an immigration version of Obamacare” in attempt to create some backlash for the legislation.

“Like the president’s health care law, the ‘gang’ bill was negotiated in secret by insiders and special interests, who then essentially offered it to Congress as a take-it-or-leave-it proposition,” Lee wrote in an opinion article for the Deseret News. “It grants broad new powers to the same executive branch that today is mired in scandal for incompetence and abuse of power. Total cost estimates are in the trillions. And rather than fix our current immigration problems, the bill makes many of them worse.”

However, there are some Republicans who support the bill, and that is part of the reason why it moved through the Senate on June 9. They are pushing for “earned citizenship,” rather than amnesty, for 11 million immigrants. Some conservatives say that the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” bill gives immigrants a free pass for citizenship, which has caused some turmoil on the Senate floor. Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, said that although amnesty wouldn’t be an option for immigrants, they could have a place in the country.

“Everyone has to acknowledge we aren’t going to deport 12 million people who are here undocumented,” Paul told a Latino audience on June 12. “It’s not going to happen; it hasn’t happened. Let’s get rid of this whole talk of amnesty. What we have now is de facto amnesty. If you wish to live and work in America, we’ll find a place for you.”