Some Youth Still Questioning Obama’s Announcement

After President Barack Obama announced he would be more lenient on deporting undocumented youth, some youth immigrants are still worried about what Obama’s new policy will entail. Despite the fact that some think the president hasn’t provided enough information, some are already planning to apply for work visas.

According to People’s World, an undocumented student from Miami Dade College who wished to remain unidentified said he is not sure what President Obama’s announcement means yet.

“But I’m happy. I wanted the deportations to end, and now I don’t have to worry about that. Obama really helped us, he did. But the problem isn’t solved,” he said. “I still don’t know what I’ll do when I graduate.”

No matter what the final policy entails, it will affect a great deal of the current population – approximately 800,000 youth.

Some youth who were brought to the country when they were young don’t believe Obama’s announcement will make much difference in their lives at all. Twenty-four-year-old Mary of New Mexico was brought to the country when she was only one year old, according to New Mexico area newspaper the Farmington Daily Times. Since then, she has earned her masters degree in social work while paying for her living expenses and education out of pocket by working three jobs. Mary has been offered several jobs since graduating, so she is not sure if the president’s decision is going to affect her significantly, because she told she source she has already done fine so far, even if she has had to work harder than most to achieve her current success.

According to the source, besides the fact that she doesn’t have legal U.S. citizenship, Mary never views herself as any different from her peers.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving and Fourth of July and Cinco de Mayo,” she said.