Spiritual Leaders Sympathize with Immigrants

While politicians have hotly debated how immigrants should be treated in America, several spiritual leaders have come to a consensus: Immigrants deserve some thanks.

In a recent letter, 33 Roman Catholic Bishops jointly expressed their deep gratitude towards immigrants in America, and stated their belief that comprehensive immigration reform is overdue.

Noting the hardships, perseverance and determination that many immigrants have displayed while trying to gain U.S. citizenship or a green card, the letter also said immigrants’ striving to benefit family members reflects Catholicism’s deepest values.

The three-page letter acknowledged many of the hardships faced by immigrants, including deportation of family members. The bishops stated, “we are also very aware of the pain suffered by these families,” and of the “frustration of youth and young adults who have grown up in this country and whose dreams are shattered because they lack legal immigration status.”

Signed, “The Hispanic/Latino Bishops of the United States,” one of the letter’s more resounding points stated, “[Immigrants] reveal to us the supreme reality in life: we are all migrants.”

The United Methodist Church called for updated immigration services in America earlier this year, which it outlined in its June 5 “Resolution for Immigration Reform.”

“Immigration makes up the story of most of those who live in this country, as they or their ancestors migrated here ‘seeking safety, economic betterment, and freedom of religious and cultural expression’,” stated the document.

The Methodist Church additionally said that immigration policy has not adapted to the changes in our country, and, while modern society has accepted globalization in its technology and businesses, it has not approached its borders and physical land with the same mindset.