States continue to question Obama’s US citizenship

Although the birther movement has existed for several years now, it recently gained momentum as a number of states are making proposals that would make President Barack Obama further prove his US citizenship.

Officials from Hawaii, the state in which Obama was born, have confirmed that the fact that the president was born in the Aloha State and have even released the commander-in-chief’s birth certificate, some people are still not convinced, according to the Washington Post.

Representative Mark Hatfield of Georgia recently made the Peach State the tenth state to propose a bill that would require a certified copy of the president’s original birth certificate to be produced if he were to appear on the ballot.

Representative Calvin Smyre, also of Georgia, said that he was frustrated with the bill.

“I thought we had gotten that behind us as a nation. I think that’s a step in the wrong direction,” he told the news source.

11 Alive, an NBC affiliate, reports that Hatfield denies that the bill is directed towards Obama.