Steve King predicts executive action would lead to impeachment

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, made a bold statement on Saturday regarding President Barack Obama’s potential use of executive action in relation to the immigration crisis. Effectively, King stated that if Obama chooses to use his executive authority to force comprehensive immigration reform into law, that House Republicans would bring impeachment trials before him.

King’s objection seems to actually have little to do with potential reform of the immigration process and more to do with the undocumented immigrants already residing in America. While there have been varied and widespread discussions on both sides of the aisle regarding what is the best course of action, House Republicans seem staunchly against any sort of reform-oriented process. Indeed, it’s been nearly a year since Obama’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, which passed quickly through the Senate, stalled in the GOP-led House of Representatives.

Many individuals in the Democratic Party have proposed that American lawmakers grant some of the benefits of citizenship to these undocumented individuals. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, for example, has suggested strongly that Obama grant work permits and amnesty to any immigrant who isn’t a felon. King indicated in an interview with Breitbart News, however, that this sort of executive action would surely lead to impeachment trials.

“From my standpoint, if the president [enacts more executive actions], then we need to bring impeachment hearings immediately before the House of Representatives,” King said in the interview. “That’s my position and that’s my prediction.”

King is not the only Republican currently speaking about the potential to impeach the president. Former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin recently published an article in Breitbart News calling for the president’s removal. Palin also recently spoke out about the potential of bringing impeachment trials in front of Obama while speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado. Perhaps most alarming for supporters of the president’s immigration efforts is that one of his own advisers, Dan Pfeiffer, has indicated that the threat may be real.

“I saw a poll today that had a huge portion of the Republican Party base saying that they supported impeaching the president,” Pfeiffer said at a breakfast put on by The Christian Science Monitor. “A lot of people in this town laugh that off. I would not discount that possibility.”