Tennessee lawmakers propose Arizona-like laws

Two Republican state Congressmen from Tennessee recently introduced a bill that would allow law enforcement agents to inquire about a suspect’s legal status.

State Representative Joe Carr and state Senator Bill Ketron introduced the bill, which is similar to a provision in the controversial Arizona immigration legislation that was introduced last year, according to The Associated Press.

However, opponents of the proposal say that such a measure would threaten people’s rights.

“It invites racial profiling, hinders public safety and betrays core American values of equality and fairness,” Hedy Weinberg, American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee executive director, told the news source.

The Arizona immigration bill has been challenged in court a number of times but the Tennessee lawmakers said they believed that their legislation would withstand legal challenges. In addition, Ketron said he did not believe that the bill invited racial profiling, according to the news source.

Carr, who heads a committee focused on illegal immigration, is currently serving his second term in the Tennessee House, while Ketron is a first-time state senator.

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