Texas Upholds State Immigration Policies

Officials in Texas have announced that the implementation of deferred action will not change state immigration policies.

Texas Governor Rick Perry sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, in which he voiced his disapproval of the deferred action policy and expressed his belief that the program would not undermine or change Texas law. He also pointed out that the Department of Homeland Security secretary’s instructions for deferred action offers no substantive right, legal immigration status, or pathway to U.S. citizenship or U.S. visas.

Governor Perry’s denouncement does not block any provisions of deferred action. With a federal work permit in hand, these individuals will be able to apply for a Texas driver’s license.

“In Texas, we do allow persons with the authorization to work for the federal government to obtain a temporary drivers license,” said Paul Parsons, an immigration expert in Texas. “When young people are given permission to work in our country, they ought to be allowed to drive to and from work and to get driver’s licenses and car insurance.”

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