Tips for employers who want to hire immigrants

Since the birth of our country, the United States has been built on immigration. Many business owners across the country support hiring recent immigrants, but not all of their employees have green cards. Acquiring a green card can be a tough process for many, as current immigration laws are becoming increasingly strict.

In order to bring an immigrant to the United States for work, employers will have to show that the worker is qualified for the position and that there are no United States citizens qualified or available for the position, according to Reuters. If there is no visa available in the system, the employee may have to wait months and even years until the immigrant will be able to enter the country legally.

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, there are several ways that immigrants can qualify for a green card. In addition to getting a green card through a job offer, individuals are able to apply to receive one if U.S. entrepreneurs are making an investment in a company that will create U.S. jobs; through self petition, where certain individuals will be granted a National Interest Waiver or through specific categories of specialized jobs, which the person would be able to receive a green card based on a current or past jobs.

If an employer does decide that they would like to bring a foreign worker on board, in addition to prior suggestions, they will also have to provide a labor certificate, which has also been proven tricky in the past, according to Reuters.

Employers that are interested in going through this process may consider hiring an immigration law expert so they can go through the process without having to jump through any extra hurdles.