Trump’s immigration plan may bring further policy from other candidates

Donald Trump recently released his plan for immigration reform in a move that The New Yorker believes could prompt other candidates to do the same. Policy discussions in terms of specifics are rarely the domain of presidential primaries, but Trump’s move may have changed that. Other Republican candidates are now being asked to address Trump’s immigration reform plan, which has clarified many of their positions. For this reason, it may have been a boon to those interested in immigration reform to have Trump release his own plan, regardless of how it is ultimately received. Its outline and details have invited comments from all quarters, and have caused other candidates to commit to their own positions, whether they are in accord with or in opposition to Trump’s.

The New Yorker notes this takes the debate out of the realm of general platitudes and right down to specific policies, which could allow voters to make their choices based on immigration reform policies as early as the first presidential primaries. Such an important issue deserves attention – and it seems Trump has forced the Republican party’s hand in addressing it.

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