Two-Year Reprieve a Money Maker for U.S.

After President Obama’s announcement of a two-year reprieve for young immigrants, some older immigrants are concerned that the youth may be duped by others who are viewing Obama’s announcement as a quick money making scheme by selling work permits.

According to The Associated Press, Jorge Baron of Seattle’s Northwest Immigrant Rights Project said he is concerned people will be asking for money ahead of time to submit job applications despite the fact that there is currently no fees in place for work permit applications. One of the issues, he said, is because the immigration law is “complex,” the young immigrants might fall into the trap of scammers because of their excitement.

“The biggest risk of a scam is right now,” he said. “Because right now we have to tell people, ‘We don’t know.'”

Since the announcement, lawyers across the United States have been contacted by immigrant advocates that are preparing themselves in case anything should happen in the future. New Jersey-based immigration law attorney David Nachman told The Star-Ledger that his entire calendar is now booked.

The source reports that it is estimated that 60,000 people in New Jersey without U.S. citizenship may be affected by the new measure – mainly children. Lori Nessel, a law professor at Seton Hall University said she is also concerned that immigrant youth will be scammed.

“People are so desperate that sometimes they’re sort of willing to go to anyone,” Nessel said. “There’s always a danger of people who are unscrupulous trying to make a lot of money off of this.”

Despite the fact that the announcement has raised these concerns from many and sparked some controversy, many people are still satisfied with the idea and claim it to be a step in the right direction. Anastasia Mann, director of the program on immigration and democracy at the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University told the source that if anything, the announcement provides some peace of mind to immigrants.

“It’s a very initial step, but a positive one,” she said. “At the very least, hopefully it will give some people solace for the moment.”