U.S. visa opportunities and their requirements

The United States offers a variety of different visas for immigrants interested in living and working in the U.S. However, every visa has different requirements, different expiration dates, and offers different options for spouses and children. Some visas are linked to employers, some are affiliated with schools and universities, and some cater to newlyweds. A degree of creativity is required when filling out immigration forms in the U.S., and some information about two specific visas is below.

Visas for investors
More than 50 countries have a treaty with the U.S. that allows immigrants from those countries to live in the United States and invest in a U.S. business. Some of these countries include Mexico, Belgium and Thailand. While the investment amount provided by the immigrant investor does not have to be substantial, it must be sufficient to start the business, anywhere around $15,000 is common. However, there are limitations on how that amount is secured, including the fact that it cannot be in the form of a loan. E visas can continue indefinitely, but if the immigrant wishes to obtain a green card, a different visa is required, as the E visas are categorized under “no immigrant intent.”

Student and recent graduate visas
The visa that is most widely used by students arriving in the U.S. is the F1 visa. This type of documentation allows a student to stay in the country for as long as they are in school, and they can extend that stay an additional 12 months with an Optional Practice Training document. Students who work for verified companies can stay in the U.S. for an additional 17 months, as long as the work they are doing is integral to their field of study.