Undocumented Immigrant Fighting to Practice Law

The State Bar of California is currently urging the state’s Supreme Court to allow a 35-year-old undocumented immigrant the chance to practice law. According to MSNBC, the Committee of Bar Examiners believe that the man, Sergio Garcia, should be granted the right to legally practice law because he has met all of the needed qualifications to become a U.S. attorney.

President Obama recently announced that immigrants without U.S. citizenship under the age of 30 can now apply to work in the United States legally. However, Garcia does not qualify for any employment protection, as he is currently 35.

According to the source, Garcia applied for a visa 18 years ago, and although his petition for the visa was approved in 1995, he still has yet to hear any further information on his immigration status. He estimates that he will have to wait another five years before he hears back from officials, according to MSNBC.

Garcia’s path to being sworn into the legal system has been long and drawn out as well. According to the Los Angeles Times, Garcia had to wait two years after passing the bar exam before he was sworn in at a Chico, California courthouse in late 2011. During the ceremony, hundreds of individuals showed up to support Garcia, and a local restaurant even provided community members with free food to celebrate the occasion.

Despite his predicament, Garcia told MSNBC that he refuses to be negative about the situation and will continue to think positively.

“I have always been an eternal optimist so this [bar recommendation] does give me hope,” Garcia said. “I have faith that my dream of being an attorney will be realized sooner rather than later.”