Undocumented Immigrant Uses Hunger Strike to Raise Awareness

Uriel Alberto continues his hunger strike in the Wake County Jail, according to local news source the Winston-Salem Journal. Alberto, an undocumented resident, hopes that his actions will give the United States government and immigration officials a better awareness of his generation’s issues with immigration rights.

Alberto, who has lived in the country since he was seven, was sent to the North Carolina jail after he and two other men were charged with disorderly conduct for interrupting a House committee in Raleigh, North Carolina in late February. While the other two individuals with Alberto were released because they had clean criminal records, Alberto’s plethora of traffic violations have kept him incarcerated. It is likely that Alberto will be deported.

Alberto, who has grown up in the United States, believes he should be given the right to prove his worth and gain his citizenship. Now the father of a young child, Alberto also wants to stay in this country to help raise his son.

“He doesn’t want his son to think he never did anything important in life,” Wooten Gough, the founder of the immigration advocacy group El Cambio, told the Winston-Salem Journal.

Young immigrants from around the country are working to raise awareness of the plight of undocumented residents in unique ways, much like Alberto. According to Hispanically Speaking News and Qulture, immigrant youth Nicholas Gonzales and Alex Aldana are planning an eight-month walk across the United States to raise awareness of undocumented youth. Aldana, who is eligible for the DREAM Act, should it pass, hopes her and Gonzales’ actions will show government officials how much undocumented youth are willing to give up in order to stay in the United States.

” I left my job, got rid of all my stuff, said good-bye to my mother and only have a few bags to my name,” Aldana told Qulture in a recent interview.