Undocumented Immigrants Casting Votes In Elections

As immigration reform continues to dominate the media’s attention, there is one issue that has gone unnoticed: undocumented immigrants allegedly casting ballots illegally.

One of the hottest spots in the country is Miami-Dade County, and the elections’ supervisor is sorting through a list of 2,000 names attempting to contact the undocumented immigrants suspected of doing so. According to a Miami Herald CBS4 elections analysis, there are currently almost 2,700 undocumented immigrants registered to vote out of the 1.2 million registered voters in Florida. One of the smaller-scale lists of 350 undocumented residents shows that 104 of them have cast ballots in the state since 1996.

The state’s Division of Elections is sorting through names on the lists to identify whether individuals are documented under Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which will indicate whether the person has U.S. citizenship based on their driver’s license information.

A spokesman for the Florida Division of Elections, Chris Cate, told The Miami Herald the system does not always update when formal undocumented immigrants acquire their new licenses.

“We’re not just looking at the matches from Highway Safety,” Cate told the source. “We’re doing a secondary assessment here before we send the names to supervisors of elections. You have to consider that a person’s last contact with highway safety can be more than four years ago. Someone could have become a citizen in that time. So you can’t presume someone’s not an eligible voter.”

Some states are urging illegal immigrants to vote. According to The Associated Press, a Connecticut mayor is asking undocumented residents in New Haven, Connecticut, to not be afraid to come forward with their votes.

Out of its 125,000 residents, New Haven has an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 illegal immigrants, according to the news source.