Undocumented Mothers Return to Mexico To Help Their Children

A 40-year-old mother recently had to say goodbye to her husband and two young daughters as she left the United States in hopes of soon returning as a legal immigrant. According to Fox News, Lorena Ewalt of Laguna Niguel, California, is returning to her native Mexico after living in the United States illegally for 21 years. When attempting to acquire U.S. citizenship, marrying an American is often not all that it takes. Since this is the case, Lorena is leaving to speak with immigration officials at the embassy in Mexico.

Despite the fact that Lorena’s fellow community members and husband sent petition letters to U.S. immigration officials, she still has to return to her native country in order to be approved. If Lorena is approved by the Mexican officials, she will be able to come back with her family and live on a green card, which will then allow her to securely apply for U.S. citizenship.

Although her journey toward acquiring citizenship has been a long and difficult road to travel, Lorena is confident she will be able to return to her family in the future.

“I am a good person, and I have put my trust in God,” Lorena told the news source. “I just believe He has a plan in [the United States] for me and my family.”

Lorena isn’t the only undocumented mother in this position. In early May, a North Carolina-based mother had to return to Mexico after living illegally in the United States for eight years, Fox News reported in another story. According to the source, the woman, Norma Ramírez, is battling cancer and was unsure if she wanted to stay in the United States for treatment while facing deportation or return to her native country. After much deliberation, Ramirez decided to return to Mexico because she had her children’s interest in mind.

“When the hospital’s translator explained what the doctor had said, I decided I didn’t want to stay here because my children would have to return to Mexico by themselves if something happened to me,” Ramirez said.

After returning to Mexico, Ramirez is continuing treatment and still has several treatments to go. Although the cancer has spread to other organs, she told she source she is hopeful she will recover.

“I feel well now,” she said.