US Representatives To Propose Immigration Museum in Washington, D.C.

Two US congressman are expected to introduce legislation to the House of Representatives that would call for the creation of an immigration museum in Washington, D.C., according to multiple reports.

Representatives Jim Moran of Virginia and John Duncan of Tennessee are reportedly introducing the measure together, a show of bipartisan support as Moran is a Democrat and Duncan a Republican. The pair want the museum, tentatively called the National Museum of the American People, to tell the story of different groups’ immigration journey to the US.

In an editorial published on Politico, Moran stated he decided to sponsor the legislation after he realized the National Mall is becoming surrounding by museums dedicated to particular ethnic groups – such as the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the proposed National Museum of the American Latino – but not to the actual American experience.

The museum, wrote Moran, would be, “an institution devoted to telling the story of how the world’s pioneers interwove their diverse races, religions and ethnicities into the strongest societal fabric.”

Immigrants – both legal and illegal – account for one in eight US residents, the highest level in 80 years, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. There were approximately 38 million immigrants residing in the US in 2007.