US Senate Makes Another Push For DREAM Act

US Senate Democrats made their case for the DREAM Act once again this week at a Senate hearing packed with several dozen students who are illegal aliens, according to published reports.

The DREAM Act would allow illegal immigrants who came to the US as children gain permanent residency after attending college or serving in the US military. Although media outlets report it is unlikely the bill will gain enough congressional support to pass this session, the hearing gave lawmakers the opportunity to present the legislation once again before the 2012 presidential election.

During the hearing, Senator Dick Durbin introduced students donned in cap and gowns whom he said would be unfairly discriminated against due to their citizenship status.

“They want to serve the country they love,” Durbin said, according to The Associated Press. “All they want is a chance.”

Jose Antonio Vargas, who has recently come under scrutiny after admitting his own status as an undocumented worker, also attended the hearing to lend support to the DREAM Act. Vargas is a Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter who wrote for publications such as The Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle before announcing his citizenship status in an article published in the New York Times Magazine.