US senator steps up for immigrant Army veteran facing deportation

US Senator Chuck Schumer of New York recently contacted the Army to intervene in the potential deportation of a veteran who honorably served America.

The New York Daily News reports that Trinidadian immigrant Ramdeo Chankarsingh, who spent part of his time in the service in Kosovo, had signed up for a temporary green card, but his application was never approved. Still, officials told Chankarsingh that he should not be concerned with it because he would get citizenship based on his time serving the country.

However, federal officials rejected Chankarsingh’s US citizenship bid because he served during peace time, according to the news provider. This didn’t sit well with Senator Schumer, who sent a letter to Army Secretary John McHugh.

“While he had our backs in Kosovo, the Army may not have had his back,” he wrote. “Common sense and gratitude for his selfless decision to put his life on the line for our country means that we should do right by Mr. Chankarsingh.”

The Jamaica Observer reports that Chankarsingh was upset that he was denied citizenship.

“I’m proud to be an American soldier,” the father of two told the news source. “But I don’t feel good about what they’re doing to me and my family. I feel like they used me.”