US senators urge crack down on “sham” universities

A number of prominent US senators recently sent a letter to President Barack Obama’s administration, urging it deal with supposed “sham” universities that exist solely to give US student visas to illegal immigrants.

“These so-called schools not only defraud students and violate immigration laws, but they pose a real threat to our country,” the senators wrote in a letter to officials at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “When the student visa program can easily be manipulated by bad actors, it threatens the viability of the entire program for the large majority of bona fide participants.

According to Fox News, the letter was signed by senators Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Claire McCaskill and Jon Tester, all of whom are Democrats.

The letter cited the example of California’s Tri-Valley University, which was investigated after officials noticed that its enrollment soared to 1,500, and many of the students came from the same area in India. A sting operation found that the school may not have ever provided classwork or courses.

NY1 reports that some of the people involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks entered the country via student visas.