USCIS Launches New Website for Foreign Entrepreneurs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently launched a new website that will help make it easier for foreign-born entrepreneurs to work and start their own businesses in the United States. USCIS and other immigration officials worked with entrepreneurs to create one concise website that will provide a link between the entrepreneurial community and the federal government.

The site, called Entrepreneur Pathways, is broken into three different sections. Section one provides basic information about the U.S. immigration process that applicants should understand before moving forward. Section two includes a guide that notes the differences between each U.S. visa, and section three offers a forum for foreign-born entrepreneurs to discuss issues pertinent to their shared status and community.

“We know that there is a tremendous need for more accessible pathways for entrepreneurial talent to come here and remain here in the United States,” Alejandro Mayorkas, director of USCIS, said. “One of the goals of the immigration is family unity, humanitarian relief and economic prosperity. And it is in the context of economic prosperity that we are really speaking today.”

Many entrepreneurs are frustrated by the U.S. immigration system, as they receive inconsistent information from adjudicators in their quest for a visa. To eradicate this problem, USCIS integrated an “Entrepreneurs in Residence” program into the effort. The agency recruited five foreign-born entrepreneurs to test the new system and comment on where they would like to see changes. Their feedback will help USCIS make it easier for people to communicate with officials and understand their different immigration options.

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