Visa expiring, world’s fastest banjo player forced to leave country

The fastest banjo player in the world is being kicked out of the country after his green card application was denied.

Three years ago, Johnny Butten and his family moved from England to Minnesota because he was able to get a visa due to his extraordinary musical talent, according to Valley News Live. The Guinness Book of World Records had determined that he was the fastest banjo player in the world.

However, with his visa almost expired, Butten applied for a green card but discovered that the Department of Homeland Security no longer considered Guinness World Records to be a major award, meaning that Butten is no longer eligible to reside in the country.

“How can they feel they can suddenly pull the rug out from underneath us now? I still have the same awards. I still have the same accolades. I still have the same skills and experience and technique … And we’ve set up a whole new life here,” Butten told the news source.

Not only is Butten the fastest banjo player on the planet but he is also a member of the Hitterdahl Fire Department in Minnesota, reports radio station KFGO.

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