Voided Green Card Winners Sue State Department

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the US State Department on behalf of thousands of people who were accidentally told they would likely receive green cards in May due to a computer glitch, according to the Huffington Post.

On May 1, the State Department mistakenly posted that about 22,000 people from across the world had won the Diversity Visa lottery, which would allow about 50,000 randomly selected people from nations with low immigration rates relocate to the US. However, the agency said a computer problem accidentally selected 90 percent of winners from a pool of people who had applied for the green card within the first few days the draw was opened, leading it to void most of the winners. As a result, many people who thought they would soon be moving to the US must re-enter the drawing for July.

A lawyer representing the 22,000 jilted applicants claims the selection process during the voided lottery was still sufficiently random because it was not manipulated by any party, the news website reports.

“Such results could have happened naturally, and even if there was a computer glitch, as the Department contends … there was a level playing field,” he wrote.

The source said the lawsuit asks the State Department to allow the May lottery winners, as well as the winners of a July drawing, to apply for final Diversity Visas.

Those selected for a green card through the Diversity Visa program are able to receive a fast path to permanent residence without a family member or employer as a sponsor, according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services.