Vote on Florida immigration legislation delayed

As hundreds of protesters descended on Florida’s capital, the state Senate decided to postpone its vote on a controversial immigration measure.

Senate President Mike Haridopolos pushed the vote back after consulting with Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The main sticking point of the controversial legislation, that seeks to crack down on illegal immigrants, is reportedly the penalties that would be imposed on employers who do not utilize the federal E-verify system to confirm the work eligibility of their employees.

Another provision in the proposed bills might allow law enforcement agents to inquire about a suspects immigration status after they have been read their Miranda rights, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Karen Woodall, a lobbyist for the immigrants, said that such bills could lead to racial profiling. Woodall also said that she believes that the bills were politically motivated.

“Some people ran on this issue. They’re catering to a very narrow group of individuals that are vocal and losing sight of what is best for the state of Florida,” she told the news source.