Washington Senate defeats no driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants bill

The Washington state Senate recently defeated a measure that would have stopped undocumented immigrants from being able to obtain driver’s licenses.

According to Fox News, Washington is one of two states, along with New Mexico, that allow undocumented people to get driver’s licenses. Senate Republicans asked in a procedural motion for the bill to be considered by the legislative body. The motion was defeated 25-23, reports the news source.

Senator Mary Margaret Haugen was the bill’s main sponsor and said that she would take the matter to Governor Chris Gregoire.

“Nothing is ever dead in the Legislature. I’m going to go talk to the governor,” she told the news source. “I’d ask the governor that she needs to stand and take leadership in this role. She needs to recognize what’s happening in this nation.”

The proposed legislation would have required those seeking driver’s licenses to provide proof of residency and a Social Security number. Supporters claimed that this measure would stop identification fraud.

In 2010, 161,221 people with out-of-state driver’s licenses obtained a Washington driver’s license, according to the Washington Department of Licensing.