White House Denies Colbert’s Naturalization Ceremony Segment

The White House has denied Stephen Colbert’s request to feature a naturalization ceremony on-air out of a concern that the display could trivialize the moment, according to the entertainment website The Wrap.

Colbert reportedly wanted to include clips of the ceremony on his television show “The Colbert Report” to coincide with a guest appearance by Alexandra Pelosi. The daughter US Representative Nancy Pelosi is releasing a new documentary chronicling US citizenship ceremonies across the nation called “Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip.”

Although Department of Homeland Security officials approved of the idea, the White House soon nixed it out of fear that the comedy show would not frame the ceremony with the seriousness it deserves, reported the news source.

“The government just doesn’t get it. ‘The Colbert Report’ is what America watches. This is Colbert Nation,” Alexandra Pelosi told the website when reached for comment.

Pelosi’s documentary will air on HBO on July 4. The film includes interviews with new citizens from naturalization ceremonies in all 50 states where they discuss why they chose to make the US their home.