Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes Immigration Bill

A bill aimed at establishing tough immigration enforcement was introduced this week in the Wisconsin legislature, according to published reports.

Representative Don Pridemore, a Republican, introduced the legislation, which would force law enforcement to ask individuals stopped for civil or criminal violations for proof of citizenship or legal immigration status. Under the law, a person who does not have legitimate identification can be detained for up to 48 hours until they prove they are in the US legally. Those who are unable to prove their legal status would be turned over to federal immigration or border control agencies.

In addition, the legislation would discourage local officials from creating “sanctuary cities” by fining municipalities and counties $500 a day if they refuse to abide by the law.

“This is an action that should have begun long ago when the federal government and the current administration stopped efforts to secure our borders,” Pridemore said in a statement.

The proposal follows similar moves from several states across the nation. So far, only Utah and Georgia have succeeded in passing strict immigration laws this year. A federal judge temporarily blocked Utah’s law, which also required police to check the immigration status of those detained for serious crimes.