Woman Receives U.S. Citizenship After 19 Years of Fighting

After almost twenty years, Claudia Garate-House was finally granted citizenship. Originally from Chile, Garate-House became widely known due to media coverage she received after coming forward with claims of abuse she suffered while she was working as a child.

After going public with her story in 1993, Garate-House hoped that her story would impact the way undocumented immigrants were treated, according to the San Francisco Gate. However, shortly after coming forward, Garate-House was deported by immigration officials.

Despite several hardships, Garate-House never gave up. She continued to return to the U.S. on a quest for justice, and on June 20, she got what she was searching for. Taking her oath at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California, Garate-House was so excited about her newly granted U.S. citizenship that she signed up to vote immediately. Since she was granted U.S. citizenship shortly after President Obama vowed to stop the deportations of immigrant children brought to the country illegally by their parents, Garate-House told the source that she definitely wants to be a part of this year’s election.

“Here is a young generation – and how wonderful for him to support that,” she said.

Garate-House was joined by her husband of 13 years and her three young daughters who were all born in the country legally. She told the source she’s happy about President Obama’s decision because it will affect many kids across the nation who were afraid to come forward before.