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Don't let money keep you from applying for Deferred Action

There are many resources available to help you finance the $465 Deferred Action government fee. Here are two:

Latino Credit Union

Based in Durham, North Carolina, the Latino Credit Union is offering low interest loans to "Dreamers" with or without established credit. They will also offer loans to help cover attorney fees. A valid photo ID (from any country), a valid ITIN number, and proof of current address is required to apply.

Learn more here

Mission Asset Fund

The Mission Asset Fund, a nonprofit organization, has created a program called "Lending Circles for Dreamers." This innovative program gives applicants grants covering 1/3 their application fee ($155), and arranges for a no-fee loan to cover the rest. Applicants make small monthly payments, and have established credit after their loan is paid off.

This program is currently only available in San Francisco, but will be expanding to other cities as well.

Learn more here

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