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Apply for a U.S. H-2B Temporary or Seasonal Work Visa Application

Apply for a U.S. H-2B Temporary or Seasonal Work Visa Application
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H2B Visa

The H2B visa category is one of the only visa categories that authorizes unskilled laborers to work in the U.S. For this reason, this category is highly in-demand for individuals who may not be eligible to apply for any other U.S. visa. The H2B visa category is an invaluable resource which many U.S. employers rely on to fill temporary or seasonal needs that would be impossible to fill with U.S. workers. Small resort towns, for example, would not be able to staff the many shops, restaurants and recreational outlets that are mobbed with customers during its summer months without filling at least some of those temporary jobs with foreign workers. Unfortunately, successfully sponsoring foreign workers for H2B visa can be a tricky process due to the visa category's popularity. Each year, only a limited number of H2B temporary visas are made available to workers. This numerical limit is referred to as a "cap." The cap is set by Congress at the beginning of every fiscal year, which is October 1. Caps control the number of workers that can be issued a visa in a given fiscal year to enter the United States pursuant to a particular non-immigrant classification.

About H2B Visa e-book

This e-book includes detailed information on the H2B visa category. The H2B visa allows foreign workers to come temporarily to the U.S. to perform non-agricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peak-load or intermittent basis. Examples of H2B positions include food servers, front desk workers, restaurant hosts and bus staff, housekeepers, life guards, line cooks, maintenance workers, retail salespeople, ride operators, ski instructors and ski lift operators.

The H2B visa can be used by people who want to work over the summer in a hotel, theme park or on a cruise ship, or over the winter at a ski resort or peak season restaurant. The H2B visa may also be a good choice for individuals who are seeking temporary income by working for a landscaping company or manufacturing facility that operates on a seasonal schedule.

The H2B Visa e-book is a great choice in making the process easy to understand and getting it right the first time!

The H2B Visa e-book includes:

  • Qualifications and Eligibility requirements;
  • A detailed overview of the application process;
  • All of the necessary application forms and guidance on how to complete the forms accurately and completely;
  • Instructions on how to extend your status once you are in the U.S.;
  • Rules on maintaining status in the U.S.; and
  • All visa application forms.


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