I-508 - Waiver of Rights, Privileges, Exemptions and Immunities (Under Section 247(b) of the INA)

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Purpose of Form

This form is used by Lawful Permanent Residents, or nonimmigrants in A, G, or E status who are seeking to apply for adjustment of status as Permanent Residents, and who are all working for a foreign government mission in the United States. The form primarily advises these immigrants and nonimmigrants (except French nationals who are covered by a special Convention between France and the United States) that they must waive certain diplomatic rights, privileges, and immunities and pay US income taxes on the salaries paid to them by their foreign governments. Permanent Residents in such situations who do not pay their taxes may be adjusted to A, G, or E status; nonimmigrants in A, G, or E status may be unable to adjust their status as Permanent Residents.

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