Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test and Interview DVD

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usc test and interview dvd

DVD Service Includes

  • Official USCIS practice interview
  • Up to date government procedures and regulations
  • Learn what to expect during your interview
  • Interactive guide on U.S. History and your English writing exam
  • Recommendations on what to do if you can’t attend your interview
  • Subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean

Price $60

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U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview

When applying for U.S. Citizenship through naturalization, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) does require a Citizenship test to be taken by all applicants. The Citizenship test will be based on the ability to read, write, and speak English, knowledge of American history and the government of the United States.

After you have filed the US Citizenship Application (form N-400), USCIS will notify you of a date and time for your fingerprinting appointment. The applicant will be advised to appear at the local Application Support Center at the designated time and date. At this interview, the applicant will be given the Citizenship test. You will be notified in the mail of the results of your test.

The U.S. Citizenship test does not have to be complicated and stressful. Pass the new U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview DVD covers all areas of the U.S Citizenship test. This high-quality DVD is featured in multiple languages which makes it easier to understand in your native language. This U.S. Citizenship test DVD will help you pass the United States Citizenship and Naturalization exam and interview. This user-friendly guide makes it easy to grasp the immigration process with up-to-date information on the various USCIS forms, the rights of permanent residents (green card holders), and much more. You will learn about the English and civics test, about preparing for the immigration interview process, and gain a deeper understanding of U.S. history and government.

We have made it easy to understand and you will be prepared on how to Pass the new U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview!


  • This DVD is subtitled in: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean
  • Information about U.S. Citizenship
  • Information about the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen
  • Answers to questions about U.S. history and government
  • How to prepare for your interview questions
  • Tips on the U.S. Citizenship test and interview
  • An official USCIS practice interview – learn what to expect
  • Up-to-date government procedures and regulations
  • An interactive guide to U.S. history, civic & English writing tests
  • Recommendations on what to do if you can’t attend the interview
  • Be prepared and Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview by purchasing our “Best Selling” DVD. Order Now!
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