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Immigration DNA Testing

Why would someone need a DNA test for Immigration?

Often the U.S. Embassy or the USCIS center will notify the US petitioner that prior to immigration approval, a DNA test must be performed to prove the biological relationship with the beneficiaries. It may be required because the paperwork, such a birth certificate, is insufficient when the I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) or I-730 (Refugee/Asylees Relative Petition) forms are reviewed.  Usually the requirement for a DNA test is not known until the petitioner receives a “denial letter” from the U.S. Embassy or USCIS that specifically states that a DNA test is required.

DNA Diagnostics Center simplifies the process of DNA testing for those who need proof of biological relationships for immigration:

3 Easy Steps for the Petitioner

  1. Call DDC to give complete information on the parties requested by the USCIS to have a DNA test:
    • Provide names, phone numbers, addresses for each tested party in the foreign country.
    • Advise DDC if there is a deadline to meet.
  2. Fax or mail a copy of the US Embassy or USCIS paperwork to DDC.
  3. Contact DDC to make payment (full or minimum deposit) via credit card, money order, or Western Union Quick Collect.

4 Easy Steps for DDC

  1. DDC schedules the U.S. petitioner’s sample collection appointment upon receipt of the minimum deposit.
  2. DDC provides the U. S Embassy or panel physician with the beneficiary’s information so they can arrange an appointment.
    • This may take some time due to limited embassy staff or availability of appointments.  (DDC has no control or authority concerning DNA sample collections abroad.)
  3. DDC begins DNA testing once ALL samples arrive at our laboratory.
  4. DDC releases DNA test results to the proper immigration authorities; the U.S. petitioner also receives a copy of the test results, as long as DNA testing fees are paid in full.

Please contact DCC for further information at 800-363-1713

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