USCIS Offers Tips on Form N-400 Citizenship Application

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With its revised Form N-400, citizenship application, the United States Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS) is offering tips and instructions to immigrants completing the upgraded form. The tips come as the USCIS now accepts only the revised Form N-400 applications.

The USCIS emphasizes applicants must complete each section and answer every question as thoroughly as possible. In answering questions that don’t apply, the USCIS advises applicants to respond with “N/A.” In cases where none applies, applicants should write “none” in the space provided.

In cases where answers require more explanation, the USCIS advises using a separate sheet of paper in answering the question. On this separate answer sheet, applicants should make sure they’ve included:

  • Alien Registration Number (A-Number);
  • Any applicable dates;
  • Application Part and Item number; and
  • Signature.

The revised Form N-400 uses a barcode at the bottom of each page. This means information provided on the application is stored in the barcode, automating the accuracy and efficiency of the application processing.

In situations where using a computer to fill out the Form N-400 is impossible, the USCIS will still accept a handwritten form. Applicants filling out the forms by hand should use a pen with black ink.

As of May 5, USCIS accepts only Form N-400 applications with a revision date of 9/13/13. Originally published on Feb. 4, 2014, Form N-400 (Rev. 9/13/13), Application for Naturalization includes the 9/13/13 revision date on the lower left corner of the form.

The USCIS gives additional information on filling out the form on its Lockbox Filing Tips webpage.

Apply for citizenship with the new form here. 

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