Why top companies are hiring immigrants

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Immigration reform will affect many aspects of the way Americans eat, shop and do business. A variety of companies based in the U.S. hire skilled labor from other countries, securing H1B visas for their employees to allow them to stay in this country for an extended time.

Companies Hiring Immigrants

Annually, more than 100,000 immigrant workers enter the U.S. with this type of visa, but with more focus on border security and the current wording in the immigration bill, that number may be reduced by more than 40,000. Companies with the need for more highly skilled workers experienced in technical and engineering positions are supporting immigration reform that will grant more work visas to people eager to work in the U.S.


Many companies here in the U.S. are still seeking highly skilled workers from other countries. Amazon is one example, as they explore the consumer electronics market and seek individuals skilled with technology. Amazon is currently one of this country’s largest sponsors of H1B visas because it is seeking out people in technical industries, from software developers to financial analysts, and have had much success filling those positions with immigrant workers.


Bill Gates has long been a supporter of granting more work visas to people willing to immigrate to the U.S. His company, Microsoft, hired more than 4,000 immigrant workers in 2012. Other companies similar to Microsoft have said it is difficult to find an American worker with the skills or training they are looking for, leading them to outsource projects or entice immigrants with H1B visas to work in the U.S.


The social networking giant has far-reaching influence throughout the world, and that includes its tendency to hire outside the U.S. Much like Amazon and Microsoft, Facebook has the need for employees with backgrounds in software development and computer and information research science, who are often found in other countries like India and China.

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