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Supporting Documents Needed While Filing Form I-130

July 13th, 2011 by Eleanor Gaskin

Along with the Form I-130, you have to attach proof of your American Citizenship or Permanent Residence Status. You also need to include proof of your relationship to the beneficiary such as [birth certificates, adoption certificates etc.] Submit copies of important documents. If you choose to send in originals, include a self-stamped envelope with a note requesting the USCIS to mail the originals back to you when they are done with it.

Proof of US Citizenship:

If you were born in the United States, give the INS your Birth Certificate as proof. If you are a naturalized citizen, give the INS your Naturalization Certificate. If you were born outside the United States but and you are a US Citizen through your parents, give the USCIC your certificate of Citizenship or form FS-240 (Report of Birth Abroad of a United States Citizen). You can get copies of birth certificates etc. from the Vital Records Office.

Proof of Permanent Resident Status:

If you are the petitioning permanent resident, you would need to provide INS with a copy of your Alien Registration Card.

Proof of Family Relationship:

If you are filing for a child and you are the mother, give the child’s birth certificate showing your name and the name of the child.  If you are the Father or Stepparent petitioning a child, provide the child’s birth certificate, showing both parents’ names and your marriage certificate.  If you are the father of a child born out of wedlock provide proof that a parent/child relationship exists or existed, such proof may include child’s birth certificate showing your name and evidence that you have or are currently providing financial support to the child.

If you are petitioning a sibling, attach your birth certificate and the birth certificate of your bother or sister showing both parents name.   If you do not have the same mother, you must also give a marriage certificate of your father’s marriage to both mothers.

If you are petitioning your Mother, attach your birth certificate showing your name and your mother’s name. If petitioning your father, provide your birth certificate showing both the names of your parents and your parents’s marriage certificate.

If you are petitioning a Step parent, attach a copy of your birth certificate showing the name s of both natural parents and the marriage certificate of your parent to your stepparent.  If petitioning an Adoptive Parent or Adopted Child, provide the USCIS with a certified copy of the adoption decree, the legal custody decree if you obtained custody of the child before adoption, and a statement showing the dates and places you have lived together with the child.

Copies of Birth Certificates of Both Alien and US Citizen:

The Birth Certificate of an alien written in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation.  Copies of original documents may be submitted. The Birth certificate of a citizen, if not available, can be obtained from Vital Records. Mail your request with the required fee to the Vital Records Office.

Cover Letter:

You can attach a cover letter detailing your relationship to the beneficiary and an index of a list of supporting documents attached with your petition.

Filing Fees:

Attach required filing fee to the I-130 petition.  This filing fee amount is payable in a form of personal check or money order.

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