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How to file for permanent residence based on family petition

Wed, Jan 28 11:59 AM by Romona Paden

Among the several varying paths to permanent residence, one of the most common ways to apply for a green card is through a family petition. This involves a family member of the foreign-born individual filing a petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for an adjustment of status for the beneficiary. Who can file a Read more….

How will US-Cuba diplomacy affect green cards?

Fri, Jan 16 7:05 PM by Romona Paden

The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 has allowed hundreds of thousands Cubans as well as their spouses and children to obtain permanent residence in America after settling in the country. However, many awaiting their green cards are now in fear that this act will be abolished as the U.S. and Cubans restore diplomatic relations. While Read more….

How do I replace a green card?

Fri, Nov 14 1:59 PM by Romona Paden

After the long process of applying for a green card, it can be a huge disappointment when you lose or damage yours. Not having proof of permanent resident status can lead to legal complications and fines. Fortunately, the process for replacing your green card is fairly simple and speedy. Learn more about replacing your stolen Read more….

Undocumented child immigrants surging across border

Tue, Apr 7 4:12 PM by Romona Paden

Interesting news continues to pour out of the Southwestern U.S., as individuals seeking a better life, and potentially American citizenship, continue to cross the border into the country. While the phenomenon of undocumented immigrant children entering the U.S. seemed to come to a peak last year in 2014, it is occurring again in smaller numbers Read more….

Appeal filed against Texas immigration hold

Tue, Mar 31 4:33 PM by Romona Paden

There's good news out of the Lone Star State for those seeking American citizenship, as multiple news sources indicated Monday that the U.S. Department of Justice has handed down an appeal urging a federal judge in Texas to reverse his hold on President Barack Obama's executive immigration actions. According to NBC News, the appeal came Read more….


Sat, Mar 14 11:08 PM by Romona Paden

¿Deseas reunirte finalmente con tu familia luego de varios años de vivir separados? Voy a darte algunos consejos que te ayudarán a facilitar el proceso de  migración patrocinada por un familiar. Este es un proceso que lleva varios pasos que deben seguir tanto el familiar que hace la reclamación como el ciudadano extranjero con familia Read more….

Conoce los beneficios de la ciudadan

Sat, Mar 21 10:43 PM by Romona Paden

La ciudadanía americana es muy deseada por miles de inmigrantes que arriban al país desde diferentes puntos del mundo, pero, veamos ahora con detenimiento cuáles son los principales beneficios que puedes disfrutar si la adquieres. Si eres extranjero y resides en los Estados Unidos puedes convertirte en ciudadano mediante el proceso conocido como nacionalización o Read more….

Ventajas de obtener la ciudadan

Mon, Jan 12 4:18 PM by Romona Paden

Obtener la ciudadanía estadounidense es una de las metas de muchos inmigrantes. Si aún no sabes las razones, aquí las enumeramos. 1. Derecho a voto Los residentes permanentes legales no están exentos de las leyes de Estados Unidos, impuestos y otras medidas políticas. Al convertirte en ciudadano estadounidense podrás votar por representantes políticos y apoyar Read more….

97-year-old Chinese immigrant finally obtains US citizenship

Mon, Nov 10 12:30 PM by Romona Paden

The process of gaining American citizenship can be a complex and lengthy one, taking several years to fulfill the requirements and wait for a visa to become available. Few people know this fact better than Chengyi Pan, a Chinese immigrant woman who has obtained citizenship at the ripe age of 97. According to NBC Minneapolis affiliate Read more….

Benefits of gaining U.S. citizenship

Tue, Oct 22 1:25 PM by Romona Paden

Permanent residents of the U.S., or those with a green card, have many of the same rights as U.S. citizens. However, if you get your U.S. citizenship, you will gain a few key privileges and responsibilities.  Voting One of the most well-known privileges of being a U.S. citizen is the ability to vote. You will have Read more….

What to do if you lose your passport

Fri, Jun 14 11:11 AM by Romona Paden

If you lose your passport on vacation, don't panic. There are ways to remedy the horrible situation of losing your identification overseas and enjoy the rest of your trip. While it is scary to be without your most important documents, don't waste time wondering what to do. Here is a list of important steps to ensure that your trip goes Read more….

Get a quick passport for summer travel

Wed, May 29 12:17 PM by Romona Paden

The U.S. Department of State is making it easier to get a passport for quick summer travel. The services are being sped up to allow students and families to go abroad. Passports are delivered within a four to six week time period, which can help travelers get to their destinations in a timely manner. However, the Read more….

Los inversionistas pueden obtener una visa estadounidense

Tue, Apr 14 11:05 PM by Romona Paden

Estados Unidos te permite trabajar y residir con tu familia si te conviertes en un inversionista. Existen dos tipos de visa otorgada para los inversionistas: la visa conocida como EB5 y la E2. La diferencia mayor es el capital requerido para la inversión y si puedes o no, luego podrás tramitar la ciudadanía americana. Ambas Read more….


Mon, Mar 16 10:33 PM by Romona Paden

Es posible estudiar a tiempo completo en diferentes instituciones aprobadas por el Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos, esto incluye diferentes escuelas de idiomas, tecnológicos, escuelas de nivel medio y segunda enseñanza, universidades y otras instituciones de la educación superior. Con visa de turista también se pueden cursar estudios en Estados Unidos Read more….

Visa K1: todo lo que debes saber

Mon, Feb 9 4:43 PM by Romona Paden

Con el gran número de visas que existen en Estados Unidos, no es raro que surjan las dudas sobre la más adecuada para tus necesidades. En esta ocasión te hablaré de la Visa K1 o Visa de Prometido. Este documento permite la entrada de un extranjero a los Estados Unidos por 90 días para casarse Read more….

Nuevo formato para la Acci

Mon, Feb 16 2:39 PM by Romona Paden

Antes ya hemos hablado sobre la Acción Diferida (DACA), una nueva política que busca ayudar a que aquellos que llegaron a los Estados Unidos sin permiso cuando eran niños logren continuar su vida en el país. En esta ocasión te hablaré sobre el Formato I-821D que sirve para solicitar por primera vez la DACA o Read more….

Visa K1: todo lo que debes saber

Mon, Feb 9 4:43 PM by Romona Paden

Con el gran número de visas que existen en Estados Unidos, no es raro que surjan las dudas sobre la más adecuada para tus necesidades. En esta ocasión te hablaré de la Visa K1 o Visa de Prometido. Este documento permite la entrada de un extranjero a los Estados Unidos por 90 días para casarse Read more….

Hiring a foreign national for short-term employment

Thu, Feb 5 4:27 PM by Romona Paden

For many employers, reductions in the overall workforce or availability of skilled workers may be cause to look outside of the U.S. to find employees without full American citizenship. When this situation arises, it's important that both the employer and the potential employee are aware of what steps must be taken to ensure that the Read more….

New York creates task force to aid immigrants

Thu, Apr 2 4:35 PM by Romona Paden

There is a flash of good news today for advocates of comprehensive immigration reform. According to multiple news outlets, several high powered individuals in New York state have begun to put together a program aimed at protecting the rights of undocumented immigrants currently residing there. The Washington Times reported that the state has launched a Read more….

Immigration hunger strike taking place

Wed, Apr 1 2:00 PM by Romona Paden

An incredible display of solidarity and bravery is currently taking place at an immigration detainment center near San Antonio, Texas. According to Express News, a group of over 20 undocumented immigrants being held in a detention center in Karnes County, Texas, are refusing to eat until they are granted justice. The women were detained at Read more….

Scott Walker changing immigration stance?

Wed, Apr 1 12:41 PM by Romona Paden

Wisconsin voters concerned with immigration reform would undoubtedly appreciate a little bit more clarity when it comes to Scott Walker's stance on the issue. The Wisconsin governor has moved back and forth regarding his views on comprehensive immigration reform over the past few years, but never quite as much as since he recently announced his Read more….

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