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Many green card holders qualify for Obamacare

Thu, Mar 27 6:15 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

When an immigrant obtains permanent residency in the United States and is authorized to live and work in the country, they receive many of the benefits that people born here do. Many get Social Security after retirement and even federally funded financial aid for college. But some are experiencing trouble obtaining certain government-subsidized health care Read more….

Immigration reform should focus on green cards, not citizenship

Thu, Feb 20 1:22 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

A major source of contention for Republicans and Democrats when discussing immigration reform is how best to provide undocumented immigrants with a path to citizenship. Those opposed to immigration reform want to avoid "rewarding" those individuals who entered the country without permission by giving them citizenship. Advocates for immigrants' rights are fighting to include all Read more….

Immigrants can earn green cards through investing in green trucks

Wed, Feb 5 1:25 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Immigrants to the United States have many different options when applying for visas or green cards, and some are more creative than others. One example of an innovative way for immigrant investors to earn a green card is a new idea created to benefit independent truck drivers in the American Northwest. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Read more….

Helping a spouse become a U.S. citizen

Fri, Apr 18 3:31 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Citizens of the United States can help their spouses or relatives become a lawful permanent resident by sponsoring their path to citizenship. Part of that sponsorship involves the citizen proving they have the financial means to support their spouse or relative when they come to the U.S. Relatives who are eligible for petition include the Read more….

Man freed from immigration detention after daughter pleads with Pope

Tue, Apr 1 11:27 AM by Eleanor Gaskin

Many people who commit a minor criminal offense are generally allowed to return to their normal lives afterward and face the consequences in court. But immigrants, whether or not they have a green card, face much more daunting repercussions: extensive jail time and potentially deportation. Such is the case of Mario Vargas, who was arrested Read more….

ACLU fights a controversial law in Arizona

Fri, Mar 21 3:16 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Currently there is a law in Arizona that denies bail to undocumented immigrants who have been arrested. Although this is a voter-approved law, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has recently pleaded with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to strike down that law. The ACLU, along with immigration activists across the country, believes Read more….

Businesses in Silicon Valley to assist with legal path to citizenship

Wed, Mar 19 1:46 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Several prominent technology companies in California's Silicon Valley have banded together to voice their support for an overhaul of the immigration system. Many technological and engineering companies in the U.S. hire workers from other countries because those workers have different skill sets than American employees and are generally more experienced with the technology that is Read more….

4 lesser-known benefits of U.S. citizenship

Wed, Mar 12 5:08 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Immigrants seeking a pathway to citizenship may have different reasons for wanting to become a United States citizen. Some desire the opportunity to legally work in the U.S. Others want to be able to start their own company in this country and contribute to the economy. Many immigrants want the ability to vote to appoint Read more….

Tests required for citizenship

Mon, Feb 24 5:45 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Applicants for the citizenship exam are required to have an understanding of the English language – spoken, written and read, as well as knowledge of American history and the principles of the U.S. government. U.S. civics exam U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has provided applicants with 100 possible questions for the history and government Read more….

Benefits of gaining U.S. citizenship

Tue, Oct 22 1:25 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Permanent residents of the U.S., or those with a green card, have many of the same rights as U.S. citizens. However, if you get your U.S. citizenship, you will gain a few key privileges and responsibilities.  Voting One of the most well-known privileges of being a U.S. citizen is the ability to vote. You will have Read more….

What to do if you lose your passport

Fri, Jun 14 11:11 AM by Eleanor Gaskin

If you lose your passport on vacation, don't panic. There are ways to remedy the horrible situation of losing your identification overseas and enjoy the rest of your trip. While it is scary to be without your most important documents, don't waste time wondering what to do. Here is a list of important steps to ensure that your trip goes Read more….

Get a quick passport for summer travel

Wed, May 29 12:17 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

The U.S. Department of State is making it easier to get a passport for quick summer travel. The services are being sped up to allow students and families to go abroad. Passports are delivered within a four to six week time period, which can help travelers get to their destinations in a timely manner. However, the Read more….

What you need to know about R-1 visas

Wed, Apr 23 5:38 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Immigrant applicants interested in entering the U.S. to become employed by a nonprofit religious organization must be aware of the requirements for an R-1 visa. R-1 visas are provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and are meant for ministers, religious workers and employees of religious organizations. If a religious worker or Read more….

What you need to know about P-3 visas

Tue, Apr 22 3:40 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

The P-3 visa is offered by USCIS and is designed to allow artists or entertainers to enter the United States, either individually or as a group. The goal of the artists or group should be to develop, interpret, represent, coach or teach a traditional or artistic cultural, folk, ethnic musical or theatrical performance or presentation. Applicants Read more….

Information on the V visa

Mon, Apr 21 12:26 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

The United States government offers a temporary visa to spouses or unmarried children (under 21 years old) of immigrants who currently live and work in the country. This visa is called the V visa, and allows lawful permanent residents (LPRs, also known as green card holders) to maintain their family structure and unity while the Read more….

I-129: Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker

Tue, Apr 1 3:55 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides many different types of visas to immigrants who want to enter the U.S. under various specific circumstances. The visas that are available through an application process can be for vacations, permanent relocation or employment purposes. One of the forms USCIS offers regarding employment is the I-129 Petition, which is Read more….

USCIS updates the Application for Naturalization

Mon, Mar 31 1:56 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is implementing an initiative to make their forms easier to use for immigrant applicants. It is releasing an updated version of the Application for Naturalization form, known as Form N-400. The revisions to the application were brought about by USCIS's initiative to make their forms more understandable for immigrant Read more….

U.S. government to extend status for Haitians

Tue, Mar 11 2:47 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Haitians living in the United States will continue to be protected under U.S. law by Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which will be extended an additional 18 months, according to the U.S. government. The Department of Homeland Security has designated places in the world where civil unrest or risk of natural disasters makes living there unsafe. The Read more….

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton vocal about immigration reform

Wed, Apr 23 12:33 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Last week, former Secretary of the State and First Lady Hillary Clinton spoke at a girls' empowerment forum held in the Lower Eastside Girls Club in New York City. The event was sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, and during the question and answer session Clinton was asked what she could do to remedy the nation's flawed Read more….

Faith leaders approach immigration reform with spiritual values

Tue, Apr 22 1:07 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Christian leaders throughout America visited the White house earlier this week to discuss immigration reform with the leadership of other faiths. President Barack Obama was present and patiently listened to why these leaders support immigration reform. The political issue is quickly becoming a rallying point for people of various religious faiths, but for Christians in Read more….

Christians show support for immigration reform through Holy Week

Mon, Apr 21 12:59 PM by Eleanor Gaskin

Last weekend, billions of people around the world celebrated Easter, which marks the end of Lent and is one of the holiest days of the Christian faith. Along with celebrating the life of Jesus last weekend, many Christians who are also advocates of immigration reform gathered together to show support for undocumented immigrants. Unified in Read more….

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