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How do I replace a green card?

Fri, Nov 14 1:59 PM by Romona Paden

After the long process of applying for a green card, it can be a huge disappointment when you lose or damage yours. Not having proof of permanent resident status can lead to legal complications and fines. Fortunately, the process for replacing your green card is fairly simple and speedy. Learn more about replacing your stolen Read more….

11 million entered 2014 green card lottery

Fri, Nov 7 5:30 PM by Romona Paden

Each year, the U.S. Department of State holds the green card lottery, formally known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. This program awards permanent residence to some 50,000 applicants annually, drawing winners randomly from a selection of immigrants from nations with low rates of U.S. immigration. It's an excellent opportunity to obtain the right to Read more….

How to apply for a green card through a job offer

Fri, Oct 24 3:21 PM by Romona Paden

When U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services awards an immigrant a green card, it gives that person permanent residence in the U.S. This comes with the right to secure employment within the country. The application process can take a long time to be complete and is very complex and strict. However, USCIS offers several avenues through which Read more….

ICE to close New Mexico immigration center

Tue, Nov 18 4:41 PM by Romona Paden

The Artesia, New Mexico, immigrant detainee facility has been the subject of great controversy since it opened in summer 2014. Here, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained hundreds of children and women prior to deportation, bringing to light the flawed U.S. immigration system and spurring protests from immigration reform activists across the country. Now, ICE has Read more….

More jails move to limit immigration holds

Mon, Oct 6 2:28 PM by Romona Paden

With recent court rulings come initiatives on the part of cities and counties across the nation to limit detention requests for those without American citizenship from the federal government. In spring 2014, court rulings determined that immigration holds called by the federal government were not mandatory, spurring many localities to stop following such detention requests. Read more….

New York City wants to limit detention of immigrants

Fri, Oct 3 1:30 PM by Romona Paden

A proposal in New York City would no longer honor detention requests issued by immigration authorities without a warrant from a federal judge. According to the New York Times, the proposal was announced by the City Council. The proposal also adds that an immigrant may only be held if the individual has been convicted of a Read more….

97-year-old Chinese immigrant finally obtains US citizenship

Mon, Nov 10 12:30 PM by Romona Paden

The process of gaining American citizenship can be a complex and lengthy one, taking several years to fulfill the requirements and wait for a visa to become available. Few people know this fact better than Chengyi Pan, a Chinese immigrant woman who has obtained citizenship at the ripe age of 97. According to NBC Minneapolis affiliate Read more….

USCIS changes definition of ‘mother’

Wed, Oct 29 12:11 PM by Romona Paden

One of the main concerns of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is reuniting families separated by borders. When green cards or visas become available, those who are family members or people with U.S. citizenship are considered priority candidates, and some may even have their applications expedited depending on the age of the applicant and the Read more….

California DMVs prepare to grant driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants

Tue, Oct 28 3:43 PM by Romona Paden

Within the past few years, several states have begun to grant driver's licenses and identification cards to immigrants who came to the country as children and do not hold American citizenship. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has been working to make this a reality in The Golden State with the passage of law AB 60, Read more….

Benefits of gaining U.S. citizenship

Tue, Oct 22 1:25 PM by Romona Paden

Permanent residents of the U.S., or those with a green card, have many of the same rights as U.S. citizens. However, if you get your U.S. citizenship, you will gain a few key privileges and responsibilities.  Voting One of the most well-known privileges of being a U.S. citizen is the ability to vote. You will have Read more….

What to do if you lose your passport

Fri, Jun 14 11:11 AM by Romona Paden

If you lose your passport on vacation, don't panic. There are ways to remedy the horrible situation of losing your identification overseas and enjoy the rest of your trip. While it is scary to be without your most important documents, don't waste time wondering what to do. Here is a list of important steps to ensure that your trip goes Read more….

Get a quick passport for summer travel

Wed, May 29 12:17 PM by Romona Paden

The U.S. Department of State is making it easier to get a passport for quick summer travel. The services are being sped up to allow students and families to go abroad. Passports are delivered within a four to six week time period, which can help travelers get to their destinations in a timely manner. However, the Read more….

US expands Chinese visa program

Tue, Nov 11 3:29 PM by Romona Paden

For those seeking temporary stays in the U.S., you know how difficult it can be getting a B2 visa. The application process can be complex and lengthy, and these visas often do not last long enough to suit your needs. This is an issue that many Chinese visitors are having, which is why the White House Read more….

DHS implements Haitian Family Reunification Parole program

Wed, Oct 22 1:29 PM by Romona Paden

When it comes to receiving a green card or visa, those who are family members of people with American citizenship often have their applications expedited. That's because the U.S. government puts particular emphasis on family reunification. The Department of Homeland Security has just announced that it will put the Haitian Family Reunification Parole program into place. Read more….

US State Department announces 2013 green card lottery winners

Thu, Oct 9 3:15 PM by Romona Paden

Acquiring a green card can be a difficult and drawn-out process, and many immigrants fail to obtain or renew theirs and must stay in their country of origin for unforeseen periods of time. But the U.S. government offers an alternative method for securing a green card: the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Also known as the Read more….

A helpful guide to consular processing

Thu, Nov 6 3:31 PM by Romona Paden

When applying for a green card, there are many options available to immigrants. However, the way you appeal for the right to live and work in the U.S. depends on your circumstances. For example, someone living within the country seeking permanent resident status through an offer of employment can petition to have their residency status Read more….

How to apply for a green card through a job offer

Fri, Oct 24 3:21 PM by Romona Paden

When U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services awards an immigrant a green card, it gives that person permanent residence in the U.S. This comes with the right to secure employment within the country. The application process can take a long time to be complete and is very complex and strict. However, USCIS offers several avenues through which Read more….

Silicon Valley pushes to digitize immigration forms

Thu, Oct 16 3:23 PM by Romona Paden

Immigration reform has largely come to a standstill on Capitol Hill, much to the distress of those seeking American citizenship. But leaders in Silicon Valley are finding new ways to stimulate debate surrounding the subject and revolutionize the process for applying for a green card or visa. According to The Hill, San Francisco-based FileRight has Read more….

President Obama to announce executive action on immigration reform tonight

Thu, Nov 20 2:24 PM by Romona Paden

The country has been eagerly awaiting a decision concerning immigration reform for months, and today that decision will be made public when President Barack Obama makes an announcement laying out his proposal to overhaul the U.S. immigration system. "Everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken. Unfortunately, Washington has allowed the problem to fester for Read more….

Immigration rights activists call for a change to restaurant name ‘Illegal Pete’s’

Mon, Nov 17 4:24 PM by Romona Paden

With immigration reform taking the headlines as of late, there has been great debate over the rights and respect owed to the U.S. immigrant population. But long before, it was widely agreed that the term "illegal immigrant" is hugely offensive and politically incorrect. So it's not surprising that one restaurant has caused public outrage by Read more….

What do the midterm elections mean for immigration reform?

Wed, Nov 5 5:07 PM by Romona Paden

Now that the midterm elections have passed and Republicans have taken control of the Senate, there's growing concern over how President Barack Obama will move forward with immigration reform. Obama delayed any decisions concerning the issue until after election day, stating that he didn't want a subject as important as this to become a victim Read more….

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