Civics Test Prep Expands on YouTube

Civics Prep on YoutubeImmigrants looking for more study resources in preparation for the civics testing component of  the naturalization process now have more options– or more specifically, 100 more options. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has uploaded 100 short  civics testing preparation videos– 1 for each question on the naturalization test.

The videos, which USCIS announced at the end of June, each run for no more than a couple of minutes. Each video covers a specific civics question topic and discusses the correct answer for each of those questions.

Currently the videos are available in both English and Spanish and also include subtitles. In its announcement, USCIS reports the agency is working to also include other languages in the resource.

The 100 short videos series is an expansion of the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center, which works to “help millions of immigrants move through the process of becoming naturalized citizens,” according to the release. According to government figures, an estimated 9 million lawful permanent residents– green card holders– meet the eligibility requirements needed for citizenship applications. Whereas the law requires lawful permanent residents to reside in the United States for only five years before applying for citizenship the median time immigrants wait before applying for citizenship is closer to seven years.

Last year, USCIS launched a Citizenship Public Education and Awareness Initiative, a promotional effort centering on providing information on the naturalization process and USCIS resources. The campaign focused on the rights, responsibilities and importance of U.S. citizenship and also provided information on the naturalization process as well as USCIS educational resources. Ultimately, the campaign guided users to the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center for official, accurate and reliable information on citizenship and naturalization topics.

“USCIS is proud to expand its efforts to assist those eligible for citizenship – the highest privilege of our nation’s immigration system – to take the necessary steps to complete their journey,” USCIS Director León Rodríguez said at the time. “Through this initiative, USCIS continues to emphasize the importance of citizenship to both individuals and the nation while providing free preparation tools for aspiring citizens.”

With the new 100 short video series, USCIS has added one more tool to its arsenal of resources.