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Fed Funds to Cities Don’t Require Help to Immigration Agents, Judge Rules

Local jurisdictions aren’t required to provide assistance to federal immigration officials in order to receive a share of grant funding, which totals close to $100 million. In a ruling handed down by U.S. District Judge Manuel Real in Los Angeles, local governments opposed to the Trump Administration’s enforcement efforts around immigration won a victory in …

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Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes

As the IRS processes millions of tax filings for income earned in 2017, both documented and undocumented immigrants are among the payers who file the accounting paperwork. However, undocumented immigrants receive far fewer benefits in return for their tax dollars than do other taxpayers. Undocumented taxpayers, for example, can’t claim Social Security or Medicare regardless …

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HIP Immigration Inspires Philly Area Town

The Hazleton Integration Project (HIP) offers immigrants and their children community-based efforts designed to unite many different cultures for those now living in the town. The project in the Pennsylvania town intends to focus and build on the inherent strengths found in both the commonalities and differences of the community’s cultural diversity. The town, which …

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DOJ Aims to Expedite Immigration Court Cases

The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued quantitative guidance to immigration judges designed to expedite the backlog of hundreds of thousands of cases awaiting a hearing. Literally a quota system, critics say the new approach potentially undercuts fairness within the legal system and also perhaps lead to far more deportations. The immigration court guidelines, developed by …

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Border Wall Shrinks on Congressional Appropriation

After Congress grants only a fraction of the president’s requested $25 billion for border wall construction, officials now expect a barrier covering only around 1,000 miles. Congress ultimately allotted only $1.6 billion for border security in the omnibus spending bill, which President Donald Trump signed in late March. According to reports, officials plan to allocate …

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“Extreme Vetting” Expected at End of May

The Department of State (DoS) seeks to move forward with “extreme vetting” measures, asking foreign nationals seeking both immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for social media information. The request for additional information from foreigners, which DoS seeks along with the Office of Management and Budget, is expected to take effect at the end of May. The …

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