Form N-565 – Application to replace Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate

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You file Form N-565, Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document, to get a replacement for your Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate.

You have to file this form with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You can file this form to get a replacement for your:

  1. Naturalization Certificate
  2. Citizenship Certificate
  3. Declaration of Intent
  4. Repatriation Certificate
  5. To get a special Naturalization certificate to show as proof of being a U.S. citizen in another country.

After you have applied for U.S. citizenship using Form N-400 with the USCIS and once the application has been approved, you will receive a Naturalization certificate.

If you lose that certificate or if it gets stolen, you can get a new certificate by filing Form N-565. In addition to this, if your naturalization certificate, citizenship certificate, or Declaration of Intent was mutilated or destroyed by any means, you can get it replaced by filing Form N-565.  

If your name was changed because of marriage or by any court order after you got your citizenship certificate and you want a certificate in your new name, you should also file Form N-565. Please note that you should not file this form to get the errors corrected on your citizenship document unless those errors were made by the USCIS.

Filing Options 

  1. You can file your N-565 form online. All you need to do is to create an account online on the USCIS website. The benefit of having an online account is that you will be able to pay the filing fees online. In addition, you can check the status of your application anytime after having filed the form. You will receive additional information from the USCIS such as case updates. You will be able to reply to the Request for Evidence (RFE). You also have the chance to edit your personal information such as address and other information. However, having said so, you will have to mail your original certificates and photographs, if need be, to the Nebraska Service Center after you have successfully filed your application online.
  2. Another traditional option is to mail your application. You have to mail it to the USCIS Phoenix Lockbox.

If you are using the U.S. Postal service, send it to:


P.O. Box 20050


AZ 85036.

If you are availing the services of FedEx, UPS or DHL, send the application to:


Attn: N-565

1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S

Ste, 100

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Even if you choose to mail your form, you still can create an online account on the USCIS website to check the status of your application.

Things to Remember While Filing Form N-565

Make sure you complete your form completely. Incomplete and erroneous applications will be rejected by the USCIS. After completing the form, remember to sign it. If you are under 14 years of age, your parent or legal guardian is authorized to sign the form on your behalf. Mentally incompetent applicants are also allowed to use their legal guardians to sign the form on their behalf. 

N-565 Form Filing Fees

The filing fee for Form N-565 application to replace Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate is $555. You have to send a filing fee along with your application. If you do not send the exact filing fee, your application will not be accepted. Also, note that the filing fee will not be refunded, regardless of whether your application is accepted or rejected. 

USCIS does not accept cash. You have to send the fee through a check or money order, drawn on a bank or a legal financial institution in the U.S. It should be made payable in U.S. dollars. While preparing the check or money order, prepare it in the name of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Using “USDHS” or “DHS” is not allowed. 

You might qualify for a fee waiver if you meet certain criteria. You have to prove that you cannot afford the fee. In this case, you have to file Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, along with the N-565 Form. 

Supporting Evidence that You Need

Make sure you have 2 similar color passport size photographs. They have to be recent ones and should have been taken within 30 days of filing this form. Make sure you go through the photo instructions carefully to know the specifications. Also, remember to write your Alien Registration Number on the back of your photographs. 

Documents to include with the N-565 application:

  • In case you are applying to get your lost, stolen or damaged document replaced, include a copy of your original document and your damaged document (if applicable) and a police report or a sworn statement.  
  • If you are applying to get a replacement because of USCIS errors, include your original document with the incorrect information and evidence of the USCIS error. 
  • If you are applying because your name, date of birth, or gender has changed legally, include the original document and evidence of the legal change in name, date of birth, or gender.

Further Processing of N-565

Once you have filed the application and submitted the required evidence and fees, the final process is for USCIS to make a decision on your case. USCIS will first check if your form is complete and error-free. Remember that incomplete applications will be outrightly rejected. Also, note that if your application is not accompanied by the appropriate fee or not duly signed, you will receive a notification from the USCIS regarding this. You can resubmit the form after making adequate changes.  

The USCIS may ask you to give more information or proof if they are not satisfied. Keep the originals handy, as you might be required to furnish those. In this case, the USCIS will make sure they return your documents once they feel those are no longer needed. 

The final decision is taken after all the above steps are completed. If the USCIS approves your application, you will receive the new document. If the USCIS denies your application, they will let you know in writing that your case is denied and also provide the reasons for the denial.

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