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If you have a Green Card that does not have an expiration date, then it is recommended to replace your Green Card.

In August 2007, USCIS proposed a rule that requires the replacement of all Green Cards that does not have an expiration date. Even though recent versions of the Green Card’s have an expiration date, before August 1989, Green Cards were issued without expiration dates. 

To change every Green Card to the newer version which has better security, design and more benefits USCIS proposed to bring a rule. But as of August 2019, the final rule has not been published. 

Green Cards issued during the 1970s and 1980s with no expiration date are still valid.

So it is not mandatory to replace the Green Card but there are certain advantages of replacing it with a newer version. 

If you have an older Green card, your permanent residency status remains the same, but you might face difficulties in employment, entitle benefits and re-entry to the United States.

USCIS recommends that everyone with an older Green Card should replace the Green Card and get the current version. The current version card contains the holder’s picture, fingerprint, signature and has a ten-year expiration date. 

Reasons to Replace your Green Card with no expiration date

  1. Older Green Cards which do not have expiration dates can create many problems for those who travel. If your old photo on the green card is not identified by the Customs & Border Protection (CBP), the process gets delayed until you are been identified. Suppose, if the photo in the green card is taken when you are younger, then it might be difficult to get recognized. Sometimes, the CBP officer will give you the warning to renew your Green Card. 
  2. The new Green Cards are very good at preventing immigration fraud. The technology used on the new cards includes holographic images, laser engraved fingerprints, and high-resolution micro-images. These state-of-the-art advances make the new cards almost impossible to recreate.
  3. The pre-printed return address on the card allows for a quick and easy return of a lost card. 

Hence, it is recommended to replace your older Green Card by applying Form I-90, application to replace the permanent resident card. 

You can use our online software which makes it easy for you to prepare the entire Form I-90 online. Since you are replacing the Green Card after a very long time or for the first time the paperwork involved could be confusing. So use our online software to prepare Form I-90 and then send it to USCIS.

I-151 is no longer valid

If you are having I-151, Alien Registration Receipt Cards, then it is no longer valid. The U.S. government discontinued the I-151 card in the year 1977. This card is no longer recognized by the USCIS as proof of lawful permanent residency. This card was replaced with I-551. 

Just because your Alien Registration Receipt Card is no longer recognized, it doesn’t mean that your status is not recognized. You are still a lawful permanent resident. That doesn’t change. But keep in mind that, by U.S. law, you are required to have a current Green Card with you at all times. 

So replace your Alien Registration Receipt Card with a newer Green Card.

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